Get ready for BiG internet experiences!

Establishing a world-class fiber network is a pretty BiG endeavor. This is a multi-year, multi-phase project that involves lots of folks in high-viz vests. Not to mention a lot of digging; like, a whole lot.

We're committed to building a long-term, lasting solution for Whidbey. In fact, we may already be available in your neighborhood.

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The BiG GiG® Fiber Network

Speed and reliability for all the ways you internet.

With The BiG GiG Fiber Network, available from Whidbey Telecom, you have more than enough bandwidth for all your devices. You can seamlessly video chat with family and coworkers with no lag or interruptions. Binge all your favorite TV shows and movies, power through that presentation, and lead your team to victory on that multiplayer game all at once—less performance lag, more victory dances.

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